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Luciano Di Carlo Scuola Viva

Luciano Di Carlo is from Rome. He attends Scuola Viva, the art atelier for many years. Luciano is very much involved in painting, particular copper hand-made sculptures and ceramics. Luciano likes to work both individually and part of a group, very much focused in collective paintings, which is one of the main characteristics of Scuola Viva.

Angela Lanciani Scuola Viva

Angela Lanciani is from Rome. She attends Scuola Viva, the art atelier, since a long time. A few years ago she was part of a European project on art, during which she travelled abroad as an expert on collective painting methods, sharing her know-how with the other partners. Angela is also very much involved in glass painting. She loves her work and also spending good time together with her friends.

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